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Get Started

Embark on your Speckel journey by following a few straightforward steps, all accomplished in under three minutes.
🧑🏿‍🤝‍🧑🏻 Book a Demo
Book a Demo after you have signed up for a 14-day trial and we will get you on your way!
🏗️ Create a Team
A Team is where all your Projects live.
🏗️ Create a Project
A Project is specific to a building code, building class and climate and is added to your Team.
🏢 Create a Design
A Design could be a building element (such as a wall or the entire building) and is added to a Project.
After signing up, create a Team to establish your collaborative workspace. Next, add a Project to your Team to align against a building code of workflow. Finally, introduce a Design to your Project, and you're all set!
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