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Total R-value

Total R-value calculations Speckel

A thermal simulation enables the Total R-value of a wall, roof, or floor to be determined, including the effects of thermal bridging. A target value is typically set based on the Project and calculated based on building code requirements. Update your wall, floor or roof settings here.
A Total R-value for a wall, floor or roof is calculated as per AS/NZS 4859.2/ NZ 4214, NZ 4214, or ISO 6946, subject to the region the Project is located in.

Run a Thermal Simulation

Left-click ' Thermal ' to run a thermal simulation and select 'Run-Simulation'. Once stimulated, the Total R-value is returned against the Project requirements.

Choose a Simulation

Select the 'Choose Simulation' icon in the top right corner to choose a simulation.

Produce a Report

To produce a report, select the 'Downloads' icon and select 'Report'. Then select 'Include Project Information' to add specific info to the report, adopt a ''Theme' if one has been created, and then left-click 'Create''.
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